Welcome SOULT CLOTHING - fair and ethical lifetstyle brand

Hello there! Here's our first blog post!

We’d love to introduce ourselves to you. We are Soult Clothing! And we are here to bring you clothing that is beautiful and ... Ethically Made.


Here I am jumping in on the end of this pic with some of our lovely models  all in our Clara Tee in 'Salty Wattle'


Now first off to clarify when we say ethically made we mean this;

  • Our clothing will only be manufactured from factories where they are backed by NGO’s like for example the most well known ‘Fair Trade organisation’ who guarantee ethical practises in regards to fair wages for all employees, up to date health and safety training, education pathways etc etc (You know the stuff you’d expect all companies to infiltrate and engage in with their workers)
  • We will seek to find clothing and swimwear that is made from the most sustainable materials and organic cotton as much as possible (a LOT more of that to come)
  • We will never promote companies who exploit workers at any level of the supply chain. For example the purchasing of cotton from Uzbekistan (Yeah you’d think all companies would have got the memo by now)

Like the title of this blog post says; We are here to provide a safe place to shop for your fashion, adventure wear/ lifestyle needs!

Soults’ Emergence

Soult emerged from my living room nightly scouring the internet to find clothing that not only fit me and my families lifestyle but also our own personal styles and most importantly; Clothing that was affordable, organic and made fairly. Not too much to ask right?


I soon realised there were many choices out there however the savage hunt was long and sometimes painful as I often resulted to go without for lack of finding suitable options. The hunt is simply not doable for every household which can be really frustrating as we all need to consume things but how we consume is an important consideration for us all.

We’re so looking forward to being able to bring this all to you. We would love hearing from you. What do you love from our collections? What would you love to see more of?

And we will honestly get such a thrill of seeing you in our brand and all other purchases from our store on any of your social media feeds. Just tag #soultclothing for the opportunity to be featured on our feed!

Thankyou for joining us on this journey!

So much goodness to come x


Soult Clothing

Founder and Director