About Soult Clothing

Soult emerged from the mission to provide customers’ with clothing that not only look and feel amazing but only meet high ethical benchmarks in regards to fair labour and sustainability.
We know humanity is as important to you as it is to us and so at Soult we guarantee ALL our brands are made under fair labour conditions and show commitment to ongoing sustainability for our planet. 
This seems a natural expectation of all brands, however in many mainstream fashion outlets and retailers this often is not the case.
Without highlighting brands who have done poorly on many scales of ethics over the years...
Our aim is to bring the most committed and innovative of the industry up front and accessible for our customers to shop with confidence for their lifestyle, fashion needs!
We show transparency about the steps we make to ensure ethics are adhered in the manufacture of our clothing on each product descriptions details - Look out for this! 
We hope you enjoy your time with us here at Soult!
Anita Atkinson
Soult Clothing - Director