What if an item I purchase isn't the right size or fit for me?

That's easy! simply email us within 7 days at info@soultclothing.com.au to notify us of any items that do not fit. We will happily help arrange a full exchange for the right size or refund. Then you must post the item back to us within 21 days addressed to Soult Team 'PO Box 1939, Buderim, QLD 4556' for a full exchange or refund as long as the garment has not been worn. 


What if an item I receive is damaged or faulty?

We would HATE to get anything faulty or substandard in the mail!!! We take pride  and the utmost care to make sure your package will arrive undamaged and ready to be worn and enjoyed by you!

However if there is ever any issue with an item arriving in faulty or damaged condition please email us straight away when your package arrives at info@soultclothing.com.au we will be more than happy to make any necessary arrangements for you to receive your item as intended.


How long will it take for my items to be delivered?

We have next day delivery with all our products (unless purchased over a weekend). The Estimated time of Arrival depends on which postal zones you are in however most orders should come within 7 days. A tracking email will come in your inbox after the item has been posted. 


What sizes do you have?

We offer a variety of sizes on all our clothing from XXS to XXL in t-shirts and shirts. Mens pants from 29-40. Children's also range from size 2-6 and youth from 8-14 Please browse through and scroll through the sizes to see what is available with each product. 


Where did the name Soult come from?

This is something we get asked a lot and we hope you resonate with our meaning and purpose of our brand.

When choosing the name for Soult we had two long lists of words that inspired us. The first list contained words that inspired the feeling of; truth, strength, integrity, kindness, the worth of each living SOUL! and the other list a lifestyle of; fun, adventure, SALTY seas, aspect and relaxing comfort. 

That's a lot of feelings and emotions, experiences rolled into one! But that's what life is!

LIfe is the living, breathing, dreaming, striving, working, giving, cruising, adventuring actions of each individual SOUL!

So we married the two words Soul and Salt together thanking our stars they are homonyms making the merge as simple as saying SOULT! 


Why did you start this company?

When we started finding out about the corruption and exploitation in the fashion industry we knew we needed to make a change and take a stand.

For us to go on living the same as we had before with the same cultural, consumer habits knowing what we do now just couldn't happen. 

We wanted to be a part of the solution. We wanted to be here today to bring you clothes that were made with the intrinsic worth of every SOUL in mind!


Where are your clothes made?

As well as supporting Australian brands we wanted to support industry around the globe. Many overseas countries are world leaders in the clothing manufacturing and textiles industry and so rely heavily on a high level of employment rate in the industry. Different countries have key skill sets passed down from generations along with factories with high standards in quality control. 

Our logo and t-shirt image printing is all done in Australia with eco water based prints.

We guarantee that our clothes have been sourced from factories backed by Certified NGO's. For a company to be certified they must meet strict standards in regards to fair pay, overtime hours, working conditions, safety training, access to clean water and facilities, workers rights in regards to joining unions and anti harassment and discrimination policies... you know all the normal stuff you expect. Each item on our store has details about this to make the transparency easy to view. 

Sure buying from these suppliers costs us extra money and this makes profits not as high compared to other retailers who source from cheaper factories but we figure what's extra dollars when we're talking about the livelihood of others?

We know you feel us x


 We would love to hear from you so please email any further questions you have to info@soultclothing.com.au