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Ethics/Social Responsibilty 

We believe knowledge is power and we want everyone to have the consumer power to make educated choices about where their clothes are made.

Our Clothes have all been sourced from manufactures who have taken the right steps to ensure their factories are ethically accredited. Our suppliers allow all workers to join unions and only work overtime hours voluntarily.

Our clothes are all made in different factories as we offer a wide range of options. All factories will specify in certain garments which makes sourcing from the one place generally not possible.

For a quick reference on our website each item of clothings' description section has a small detail about the NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) that have certified the garment manufacturers where that particular garment is made.

Our aim is to be as transparent as possible about where our clothes are made as we believe all companies should. 


Manufacturing and materials Traceability

Organic Cotton t-shirts

A large portion of our organic cotton t-shirts and regular cotton tees are all made in Dhaka Bangladesh.

The facilitiy is a Gold WRAP certified (Worldwide responsible Apparel Production), BSCI (business social compliance initiative) and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) which show a very high percentage of traceability and transparency from crop to loom right up to garment manufacturing. They are also members of the 'Child Labor Free Initiative' ensuring all procedures are in place to abolish child slavery in their industry.Their dye and fabric houses all have 100% traceability. The factory in Dhaka Bangladesh is also a part of the 'Fire and Safety Accord' ensuring adequate fire and safety training is at a high standard for all workers understanding.

Organic Cotton Dress and Tees

A separate supplier in Bangladesh provides our organic cotton dress and some of our other organic tees. They are a member of the 'Fair Wear' certification where they have received Leader status (the highest level) which shows exceptionally high practises in regards to fair wages and freedom of association. They have a 19 person team in Bangladesh who monitors the factories onsite daily ensuring ethical practises are adhered to.

Mens Business Shirts, pants and shorts and children's jumpers

Our men’s business shirts and pants and shorts and children's jumpers are all made in two factories' in China. Our supplier works closely with their factories to ensure safe and fair working conditions are met. They are both also 'Child Labor Free' Certified . They  ensure holidays and weekends are accounted for in production timelines. slower deadlines are carried out and infringe penalties do not apply for late delivery as is unfortunately industry standard. These Factories are located in Ningbo China. 

Our mens shirts are made in one of these Ningbo factories .There are 98 employees (77 being female). This factory has a special program in place that offers medical care, retirement care and unemployment insurance for their workers. This factory has it's own workers committee also.

Our mens pants and shorts are made in another Ningbo factory where employee benefits include meals, insurance and transport are provided. There are altogether 172 employees and 115 of those are female.

Textiles we use

Oeko Tex Standard

All of our clothing is Oeko Tex Standard. This means that all raw and finished products are tested for harmful chemicals and substances. Not only materials that touch the skin but also thread, buttons, zips etc all have to meet the highest health and most effective product safety.

Oeko Tex Standard

Organic cotton

We have sourced a large portion of our products to be organic cotton. Cotton is one of the most affordable crops to grow and in its pure form; hypoallergenic, pesticide and pigment free being a healthier option. Organic cotton is soft and breathable enough for those with skin sensitivities and also those who understand and appreciate the comfort of the material without the added chemicals.

All our organic cotton sold is GOTS (Global Organic Textiles) certified. We feel that organic cotton is the best option for cotton when available. Although the farming is done on such a mass scale from around the world  in many instances we believe the shift to organic is the best choice possible for the health of not only those who wear the clothes but mostly for all living and working in the surrounds due to chemical sprays.

Global Organic Textiles


Environmental Impact

Organic matters

We have intentionally chosen suppliers who not only ensure fair working conditions for those making the clothes but are committed to sustainability practises who understand the importance of climate change.

One of our suppliers uses only organic cotton in all their processing. This natural fibre means they need less water to feed the plants as well as fertilisers

Garment Waste and recycling management

One of our organic cotton suppliers' saves waste from the cotton ginning process to give to the animal feed industry.

The off cuts from material in their sewing houses is recycled into new thread.


We specifically request the items dispatched to us not be shipped in plastic. When posting out to our customers we use recyclable materials that can break down without seeping toxins into the earth. We are always looking for ways to limit our environmental impact.



Thankyou for taking the time to find out about where and how our clothes are made!
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